Please Enjoy This Slow Jam Version Of The ‘Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers’ Theme Song

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05.03.14 2 Comments


If you enjoyed the slow jams version of the DuckTales theme song we brought you last weekend, then you definitely don’t want to miss out on this slow jams version of the Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers theme song, compliments of Scott Bradlee’s Saturday Morning Slow Jams.

Imma geek out for JUST A SECOND now so bear with me. While I don’t necessarily rank Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers over DuckTales, for whatever reason its theme song really stuck with me, and one of my special skills that I list on my resume is the ability to sing it in its entirety from memory at any given moment. This also made it extra fun to sing the lyrics to the 8-bit instrumental version in the SUPER fun Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers NES game, which would annoy the living crap out of my sister. That’s OK, because I would just pick her character up and throw it off the telephone pole. *dusts off shoulders*

So, long story short, I was particularly excited about this. What I’m not excited about? The presumably nightmare-inducing Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers live action movie. Yuck.

Next weekend, Darkwing Duck slow jam (which is kind of already the Darkwing Duck slow jam) or GTFO.

(Via Scott Bradlee)

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