Natasha Lyonne Is A Different Kind Of ‘Death Magnet’ In Rian Johnson’s Fantastic Looking ‘Poker Face’ Trailer

Natasha Lyonne is very good at portraying characters who flirt with death. This was the case in a more morbid sense on Orange Is The New Black, but that penchant went Groundhog Day-esque in the treasure-filled Russian Doll, in which her character got stuck in an existential death loop. Now Lyonne is jumping from Netflix over to Peacock for even more death-defying business, only she’s solving some crimes. Mind you, she’s not an actual detective, but she can’t help but be a “death magnet” who has a knack for figuring dark sh*t out.

As well, Rian Johnson is hot off his latest murder-involved project, Glass Onion, to team up with Lyonne for an idea that they apparently conceived while enjoying not-French fries. And Johnson was thrilled to reveal this “case-of-the-week mystery show” (which is definitely not-Columbo) trailer on Twitter.

Natasha’s Charlie character will solve her crimes by way of a Plymouth Barracuda, so she’s even cooler than Lincoln Lawyer. As well, the trailer shows off Chloë Sevigny as a rock star, and Dascha Polanco will pop in because she and Natasha can’t quit each other. The show also features Tim Blake Nelson as a race car driver as well as Ron Perlman, Nick Nolte, Benjamin Bratt, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ellen Barkin, and Tim Meadows.

And yes, people will probably try to get Johnson to add Muppets to this project, too.

Peacock’s Poker Face debuts on January 26.