Poll: The Eternal Deschanel Debate Continues: Zooey and Emily?

03.29.12 7 years ago 47 Comments

“Bones” has officially been picked up today for an eighth season. I wish I could offer more substantive analysis on the renewal, but honestly, I’ve only seen the show a few times, and I wasn’t a huge fan. I understand there was a huge pregnancy controversy earlier this season (both in the show, and in real life), and that the show ran a split season to the frustration of its fans.

What I do know is that those “Bones” fans are very much about Emily Deschanel, and in my experience, whenever her sister Zooey is mentioned, those “Bones” fans never pass up an opportunity to note that Emily is definitely the hotter sister (old schoolers may also throw their mother, Mary Jo Weir of “Twin Peaks” fame, into the conversation). With the renewal of “Bones,” both sisters will exist on the same network for another season, so this very important debate will continue to rage.

So, who ya got? Zooey or Emily. PLEASE SHOW YOUR WORK.

Here’s a poll.

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