The Weirdest Scene On TV This Year (Ever?) Involves ‘Preacher,’ God, And A Poop-Eating Dinosaur


The OA, which Netflix canceled on Monday after two seasons, was a deeply weird show. The New York Post‘s Lauren Sarner put it best: “The OA might still be alive if people knew it had a talking octopus, evil scientist Jason Isaacs in a dimension-hopping scheme involving growing plants on dead bodies, & lines like ‘open the invisible river!!!’ delivered earnestly.” And don’t even get me started on the Movements (actually, do get me started, because I talk about them for HOURS). But as wild as The OA got during its deliriously odd two-season run, it has nothing on the Preacher season four two-part premiere.

Even if you’ve never seen an episode of Preacher (you should; it’s fun!), this scene, from “Last Supper,” stands on its own. In the cold open, God is looking at his beautiful creations, including a silly-looking, cute dinosaur. But even the All-Mighty has to look away when the dinosaur — what’s the best way to put this? — drops a steaming deuce on the ground. God’s disgust is replaced with joy over a Double Rainbow, but it returns when He sees what the dinosaur does with the poop: eats it. “No no, I said no, haven’t I?” God tells the prehistoric beast, hoping it’ll change its mind; it doesn’t. And when the dinosaur belches into God’s face, its breath reeking of poop, God does what He does best: a good ol’ fashioned smiting. And that, kids, is how dinosaurs were wiped off the face of the Earth: because one of them ate its own feces and burped on God.

Like I said, Preacher: good show. Here’s the dinosaur before eating poop.


And a very angry God.


But if you’d like to watch the scene and episode, it’s here for your enjoyment.