President Obama Delivers His Own Word On ‘The Colbert Report’ Tonight

As we’ve all known since he teased us by saying he booked the band The Presidents of the United States of America to be on his show this week, Stephen Colbert is welcoming President Barack Obama to The Colbert Report tonight. With only eight episodes remaining before the show ends (and we all cry hysterically over the loss of truthiness), Colbert is certainly expected to go out with a bang, and that starts with this very special episode being recorded in Washington DC. We expected that Obama would simply appear for an extended interview, allowing the faux-pundit to take on the “Emperor in Chief” for an episode that would truly make Papa Bear Bill O’Reilly proud, but it seems that we’re in for so much more.

As Tweeted by Reuters White House Correspondent Jeff Mason, Obama is getting behind Colbert’s desk tonight for his own version of The Word, except this one is called The Decree. It’s hard to imagine that people won’t be tuning in like crazy to watch this incredible moment in late night comedy, but if it wasn’t already on your radar, it’s probably worth setting the DVR.