President Obama Will Be A Guest On Monday’s Episode Of ‘The Colbert Report’ From Washington, D.C.

Next Monday, Stephen Colbert takes his farewell tour to our nation’s capitol for one very special episode of The Colbert Report. Washington, D.C. is the proverbial “belly of the beast” when it comes to news media punditry. Even if it’s fake news.

Makes you wonder why would Colbert leave his New York City studios for just one of his eight remaining episodes? How about President Barack Obama. Dave Itzkoff revealed the president as Colbert’s guest for Monday night’s show on Twitter:

George Washington University is where the episode will be taped and they released a story to promote Colbert’s special appearance and its impact on the campus:

Students had the opportunity to register for free tickets through a lottery system on Wednesday and Thursday. Registration has now closed. Individuals will be notified before Monday if they won seats to the taping.

Per usual, it’ll be fun to watch two men play slightly different versions of themselves for our entertainment. So meta.

(Via: Twitter and George Washington University)