Pretty Much The Final ‘Game Of Thrones’ Red Wedding Reaction Image You Need

Nope, not that one. Still good, though. Since THAT happened on Sunday, we’ve covered IRL Red Wedding, recapped “The Rains of Castamere,” watched a supercut of horrified viewers and Maisie Williams’s “THEY DEAD” Vine, and noted that an O.J. Simpson murder witness thought the scene was unrealistic.

Yeah, we really like Game of Thrones, but rather than pass along every episode reaction image and GIF on Tumblr, of which there are as many as times I’ve woken up screaming the past two nights with “Castamere” stuck in my head (approximately 11 of which are amusing, including this bit of brilliance), I’m going to instead share my favorite. It combines GoT, Arrested Development, AND unbearable sadness, so really, good job, Internet.

The image itself has been around for awhile, though not with the Simon & Garfunkel upgrade. Also, I don’t trust that guy to Robb’s right, our left — it’s always the scarf-wearers who you should look out for.