Great Leaping Lizards! It’s The ‘Primal’ Season 2 Trailer

Prepare your eyeballs for the unadulterated intensity that is Genndy Tartakovsky‘s Primal. Now in convenient trailer form just in time for the launch of the second season on Adult Swim.

The pre-historic fantasy series features a Neanderthal and Tyrannosaurus bound together by tragedy, revenge, and survival. The first season featured primitive witches, ape-people, and a host of bizarre, dinosaur-like animals as the caveman and dino pal traversed their strange planet. As ever, Tartakovsky stands in a class all his own in crafting an epic adventure-of-the-week as well as an enduring and enviable friendship between two unlikely allies. The animation is astonishing, and that trend continues here with what brief snippets we’re allowed in the trailer. A massive brachiosaur leaping into a field of lava spray! Hitching a ride on a huge vulture thing! Some kind of gargantuan, throned being with ungainly horns! The epic streak continues.

Thankfully it doesn’t dip into the plot at all, leaving that as ours to unwrap with each new episode. We’re not the only ones excited. Even our old pal Alan Sepinwall is begging to know when July 21st gets here:

That’s because, you guessed it, the second season of Primal lands on Adult Swim July 21st and on HBO Max the next day. For those who haven’t seen it, that leaves plenty of time to binge it and fall in love.