‘Prison Break’ Stars Confirmed Talks For A Limited Series Run

There was a rumor last month that Prison Break might be returning to Fox for a limited run after seeing 24 have success with the format. TVLine caught up with Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell while they were at Comic-Con for Legends of Tomorrow business, and they confirmed talks were happening:

“Conversations are happening,” Miller added, acknowledging that everything he said was “assuming Michael is still alive.”

“I mean, Sara was dead,” [Purcell] said, referring to Sarah Wayne Callies’ character who died in Season 3 but was revealed to be alive in Season 4 of the original series. “The [concept] that I’ve heard is completely brilliant, so people will be fine.”

As for Callies, who’s currently on USA’s Colony, she noted that her current boss was an EP on Prison Break, and would probably give her the green light to work both shows. While fans of the show must be thrilled, it’s almost assured that some executive is figuring out how to use the show to capitalize on this current trend of big prison escapes.

(Via TVLine)