‘Quantico’ Accomplished Something No Other New Show Has This Season

It was big news last year when every episode of Empire had a higher rating than the one before it. That had never happened before, and it was extra impressive because no one watches network television anymore. Can you blame them, when options are limited to Wicked City and Blood & Oil? It’s not great out there, but at least one TV show is having a good time.

ABC’s Quantico became the fall’s first new drama or comedy series to grow from its premiere to week 2 in adults 18-49. The new drama had already impressed by matching its week 1 same-day rating (1.9) in week 2, but it added 1.4 ratings points to its total in DVR and VOD viewing to reach a 3.3, up from a 3.1 it did with its premiere. (Via)

Quantico is probably the least worst of the new dramas. I’m not ready to say the show’s “good,” but it’s certainly fun in a ridiculous way, and it’s impossible to look away from Priyanka Chopra whenever she’s on screen.

And considering its competition is CSI: Cyber, “least worst” is all we can hope for. Although Quantico could use more Roombas.

(Via Variety)