Emmy Goddess Quinta Brunson Has A Clever Trick For Knowing If You’re Watching Her Show

In Hollywood, everyone says yes to things they have intention of doing, and they rave about your show to your face even if they’ve never seen a second. So how do you know if someone who looovvvves your work has really seen it?

Fresh off her Emmy win and involuntary participation in a failed Jimmy Kimmel gag, Abbott Elementary star/creator Quinta Brunson shared a surefire way to know: check in with the family.

“Henry Winkler’s wife came up and told me how much she loved the show,” Brunson told Variety. “That meant a lot to me. I love when people’s mates or family members come up and tell me that they love the show because that’s how I know they really are watching as a family. And that makes me happy.”

Granted, it’s also possible that someone is genuinely watching your show alone in the darkness without their family, but Brunson’s method here feels like a safe bet.

In the expansive post-victory feature, Brunson also provided some details about the future of Abbott Elementary and its mockumentary goodness. The plan is to dig deeper into the characters without leaving the school too much, to lower the stakes from time to time, and to build on the goodwill of the fans.

“We’re not trying to reinvent the wheel; the wheel works,” she said. “I’d just like to give it some spinning rims.”

(via Variety)