R.I.P. Levon Helm (and the Morning Links)

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04.20.12 10 Comments

The video has nothing to do with TV, but I don’t care: it’s a great song from one of America’s greatest vocalists, the Band’s Levon Helm, who passed away yesterday. Gone too soon.

This Week in Posters and Stills: Rock of Ages Still Looks Awful — Screenings of this movie are going to smell like New Jersey, damp cigarettes, and perfume that brings to mind a dead cat’s vagina. Please don’t encourage Rock of Ages. (Film Drunk)

10 Events That Should Be Added to The 2012 Olympics — Synchronized corgi cuddling. (Smoking Section)

Snoop Gets Technical: Snoop Dogg Helps Explain the Tupac Hologram and Other Mysteries of Science — Doctor offices should include at least one photo of Snoop in every “this is what the inside of your ear looks like” poster. (Uproxx)

The Dugout Opening Days ’12: Minnesota Twins — A team worse than my Mets. (With Leather)

Val Kilmer Expounds on How Batman Forever Went Wrong — When a sh*tty U2 song is the least of your worries, you know you’ve got a bad movie. (Gamma Squad)

10 Things Everyone Should Know About the Secret Service Prostitution Scandal — Is Sinbad involved? I hope Sinbad’s involved. (BuzzFeed)

Stoner Countdown: The 4/20 Beyonce Parody — Thank God they didn’t go with “SurvHIGHor.” (College Humor)

6 Popular Upbeat Songs You Didn’t Realize Are Depressing — “Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me.” (Fark)

New York’s Favorite New York Movie — Either Ghostbusters or Ghostbusters 2. (MovieFone)

Brilliant Criminal Posts Facebook Photo of Himself Stealing Gas from Cop Car — In this economy, you gotta do what you gotta do. (The FW)

5 Modern Movies That Show What the Rest of the World Really Thinks of AmericaBatman Forever? (Pajiba)

9 Ways Facebook Is Changing People’s Lives — #7. How else would I have known that one of my Friends, whom I’ve actually never met in real life, wants people to “STOP SHARING STUPID MEMES THAT AREN’T FUNNY OR CLEVER. YOU ARE RUINING FACEBOOK FOR EVERYBODY.” (Mental Floss)

An Interview with Julien Glt, Founder of Boobstagram — Heh, boobs. (Death + Taxes)

“Subway Chicken”: The Dangerous Game Teens are Playing — Whatever happened to hanging out at the penny arcade to play a good ol’ fashioned game of stickball? (The Week)

Five Reality TV Shows that Should Have Stuck Closer to Their Titles — Yeah, what gives, “World’s Wildest Police Videos.” I’ve seen wilder. (Unreality Mag)

Coachella Slip n’ Slide Wreaks Havoc on Dumb Chicks — Haha, they almost break their necks. CLASSIC “dumb chicks.” (Bro Bible)

The Starbucks Secret Menu — The secrets will cost you an extra $49. (The High Definite)

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