‘Game Of Thrones’ Actor Iwan Rheon Drew On Some Odd Influences To Bring Ramsay Bolton To The Screen

Ramsay Bolton is definitely in the running for the most dastardly Game Of Thrones character across the entire series. He gives Joffrey Baratheon a run for his money and while he’s not as big of a threat as the Night King or the White Walkers, he’s definitely far more cruel. And according to Iwan Rheon at Con Of Thrones in Nashville on Friday, there’s a good reason for this — at least on the screen. Bolton is a venomous presence on the pages of George R.R. Martin’s novels, but Rheon pulled from some interesting places for inspiration when taking on the character for the screen.

One of the obvious influences is Heath Ledger’s Joker, citing how “difficult he is to read” and how “maniacal” the character can be on the screen, with his unpredictability. But it’s the other two that seem to be a little off the wall, even if they make sense:

“I took the walk from Liam Gallagher [of the band Oasis], and his mischievous side from Dennis the Menace,” he laughed. “Those were the three influences for Ramsay Bolton.”

This now makes you wonder if Liam Gallagher would’ve made the perfect Ramsay Bolton on the show. Sure, Rheon was great, but why not just dive in for the real thing! Also, as Mashable points out, the UK version of Dennis The Menace lives up to his name in more ways than the American version. As for why Ramsay is the top baddie on Game Of Thrones, Rheon has his reasons for thinking he deserves the spot:

“I think the scary thing about Ramsay is he could be standing right next to you and you wouldn’t know he was this crazy psychopathic ruthless killer, and then he’d just turn and you’d have a knife in you…There’s nothing he wouldn’t do and that’s quite a frightening thing, and he’ll do it himself. Joffrey would send someone off to kill for him, but Ramsay wants to do the killing.”

In the end, you have to think he likely enjoyed the way he went out. If he started to laugh while those dogs were pulling at his flesh, you wouldn’t be too surprised.

(Via Mashable)