Randy Travis Had A Pretty Rough Night

08.08.12 23 Comments

Country singer and former Touched by An Angel cast member Randy Travis was arrested late last night after, well … let’s just say Randy had a rough night. From The Dallas Morning News:

The Dallas Morning News has confirmed with the sheriff’s office that the singer is being held in the Grayson County Jail. He was found naked by a witness who called 911 about a one-vehicle accident and a man lying in the street, according to several the sheriff’s office.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I don’t know who exactly is in charge of these kinds of things, but I really don’t want the phrase “He was found naked by a witness” said about me. Ever. There is no good situation that involves get “found” naked by “a witness.” Even if you say, like, “He was found naked by a witness laying on top of a giant pile of money and eating a sausage, egg, and cheese on an everything bagel sandwich,” the part about the witness still implies it’s a police matter somehow. I mean, geez, can’t a guy lay naked on some money and eat a breakfast sandwich anymore in this country without getting harassed by the cops? Thanks a lot, Obama.

Well at least we can be sure that things didn’t get any worse for Randy from ther-

When Travis was confronted by the trooper about the strong smell of alcohol, the singer refused a breath test. After a search warrant was issued, a blood sample was taken at a nearby hospital.

Sgt. Rickey Wheeler said Travis has been charged with obstruction and retaliation because he threatened to shoot and kill the troopers who were working the case. His bond for both charges total $21,500.

Hoo boy.

Unrelated: Sgt. Rickey Wheeler … most Dallas name of all time? Discuss.

He was then booked into the county jail and issued a paper suit to wear, according to Wheeler.

So, to recap Randy Travis’ night:

  • Crashes car
  • Found naked in the street by a stranger
  • Threatened to shoot and kill police officers
  • Taken to the hospital to forcibly have his blood drawn
  • Arrested and taken to jail
  • Issued a paper suit to wear, because apparently he was not only naked, but his clothes weren’t even in his car
  • Oof

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