‘Reacher’s Season 3 Book Adaptation Plan Has Been Revealed Along With Confirmation Of A Returning Character

Reacher‘s second season finale put the Big Guy back on a bus to his next destination, which remained a mystery at air time. Plenty of speculation existed, however, which Lee Child Jack Reacher novel would be adapted next by the Amazon series for Season 3. A lot of chatter has surfaced about Tripwire, the third novel in the series, although Amazon hasn’t been following chronological order yet, so nothing was guaranteed.

Sure enough, the adapted novel will not be Tripwire. Instead, anyone who wants to hop ahead by reading Persuader (Book 7 in Child’s series) can feel confident in doing so. Amazon confirmed that detail as well as a returning character — sorry, it is not Roscoe — which will be Francis Neagley as portrayed by Maria Sten. As devotees know, Neagley never appeared in the first Jack Reacher novel, but the show pulled her in for a brief first season appearance, which helped Neagley’s second season “flare gun” of sorts make sense. Also, she knows what Reacher likes to order in diners, which makes a refueling pit stop faster, so they can go punch bad dudes together.

Sounds like a plan, and here’s additional (vague) information from an Amazon press release:

Season Three of Reacher will be based on the book Persuader, the 7th book in the Jack Reacher series, written by Lee Child….. About Season Three: Reacher must go undercover to rescue an informant held by a haunting foe from his past.

The third season of Reacher is currently filming in Toronto. The renewal was announced in December 2023, two weeks before season two premiered on Prime Video.

Prior to this announcement, Ritchson (who has been bumped up to executive producer for the third season) shared a “crusty” photo from the set, but the real tease came from his Instagrammed image of a lobster (from craft services) with the telltale “details matter” motto in tow.

That detail pretty much confirmed that Persuader, which takes place in lobstering country (Maine), was the chosen book. Amazon saw fit to put an official seal on that news, and you know what to do next. Still, Tripwire would be fun because who doesn’t wanna see Reacher in Key West? Someone who doesn’t believe in key lime pie, that’s who.

Reacher Season 3 cannot come soon enough.