The Time Has Come To Revive ‘Reunion’


In 2019, it seems like every other television series is a reboot or a revival. Roswell, Temptation Island, Charmed — CBS has Hawaii Five-0/MacGyver/Magnum P.I. under its own banner, and FOX just announced a So NoTORIous-style (right down to the writers) Beverly Hills, 90210 “event series” called 90210 (not to be confused with the Beverly Hills, 90210 CW reboot 90210). This isn’t even necessarily a judgment as much as it is a very obvious observation. But with this observation, it’s only clear now what must be done:

FOX needs to look inside its heart of hearts — or really, its wallet/money bags/Montana Max-type vault of money — and Bring. Back. Reunion.

You might remember my call to action for FOX to bring back Fastlane, a one-season series that aired about three years before Reunion. That has yet to happen, but I remain vigilant. For example, if Tiffani Thiessen is in 90210, that opens the door for her to kill two birds with one stone and also shoot Fastlane. This is how television works.

As for Reunion, the 2005 series followed a group of six friends over the course of 20 years, from high school graduation in 1986 to 2006, where one of the six had ended up murdered the night of their high school reunion, with the other five as the prime suspects. Each episode cut between the present and a year in the life of these characters (the pilot was “1986,” episode two was “1987,” etc.) over these years. Well, that was the intention: Not only were there only 13 episodes produced (ending the series and mystery at “1998”), FOX only aired up to episode nine (“1994”), with the mystery unsolved, even in international airings of all 13 episodes. Oh, and the soundtrack was dope.

The lack of closure on the whodunit component of the series is technically enough of a reason to want to bring the show back, but there are other very valid reasons. Let’s explore them.