‘Review’ Ponders The Deceptively Simple World Of Co-Hosts In A Brand New Clip

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Review is a wonderful program. Many of its show-within-a-show’s segments involve horrible things happening to host Forrest MacNeil (Andy Daly) — all of which the self-described life reviewer tackles with blind determination. Throughout the first and second seasons, Forrest’s escapades push him further over the ledge. (Figuratively of course, but quite literally in one notable instance.) You’d think his otherwise humorous predilection toward self-harm would turn off most viewers, but as the critically acclaimed series’ third and final season premiere proved, nothing could be further from the truth. Especially when it seems like things are going good for Forrest, but they’re actually not.

Consider the first segment from this week’s episode, “Co-Host/Ass-Slap/Hellen Keller/Forgiveness.” When a viewer asks Forrest, “What’s it like to be a co-host?” his trusty sidekick A.J. Gibbs (Megan Stevenson) leaps to the occasion and explains her entire job to him. Which, according to Forrest and the Review audience, amounts to sitting in Gibbs’ chair off to the side, pushing buttons to introduce the next segment, and bantering back and forth with the host. Yet when Forrest’s actions inadvertently pass the next question, “What’s it like to slap a stranger’s ass?” onto Gibbs, he finds himself confused and abandoned on Review set.

“Can you stop for a second? Because that’s not a good idea,” he shouts after Gibbs, who high-fives a crew member before leaving. “You’re not a life reviewer so please don’t go.”

Review airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET on Comedy Central.