Get Schwifty With This ‘Rick And Morty’ Concept Album

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12.21.15 3 Comments
get Schwifty


Rick and Morty will never be mistaken for Bob’s Burgers when it comes to music, but there are enough songs to fill out a soundtrack (hey, remember the Bob’s Burgers soundtrack? Still waiting for that). Nothing gets the Birdperson party going like “Get Schwifty,” “Let Me Out,” and more human music, but once you’re done squanch-ing out, put on some Sad Dance Music.

That’s the name of the world’s first Rick and Morty concept album. The five-track EP, with song titles like “Dance Bitch” and “Jeez Rick,” was written and performed by comedian Allie Goertz, who also co-hosts the very-fun Simpsons podcast, Everything’s Coming Up Podcast. She’s previously sung about The Goonies, Arrested Development, and Dungeons and Dragons (plus The Simpsons, of course), and is usually accompanied by an acoustic guitar. But on Sad Dance Music, Goertz “experimented with bass, synth, electronic drums, and samples to match the beauty, darkness, and lunacy of the show.”

You can listen to the original songs here, although I’ll warn you: She couldn’t find anything that rhymes with Mr. Poopy Butthole.

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