‘Rick And Morty’ Season Three Is Full Of Daddy Issues, According To Sarah Chalke And Spencer Grammer

In three days, the third season of Rick and Morty officially begins. It unofficially began back on April 1 when a surprise episode was released on Adult Swim’s website. By the end of said episode, Rick has not only escaped prison but also managed to free some of the most powerful criminals in the galaxy, which can only lead to shenanigans and death. So much death. But while Rick (and by extension Morty) have their own problems to deal with, Beth and her daughter Summer will be working with struggles of their own. Mostly abandonment and daddy issues.

I spoke with actresses Sarah Chalke (Beth) and Spencer Grammer (Summer) during San Diego Comic-Con about what fans can expect from their characters this year and things quickly took a turn for the hilariously bizarre. After mentioning that this season Beth finally leaves Jerry, Chalke hinted at the future relationship between her and Rick. ““[Beth] is picking her dad. She’s picking Rick.” And even if Rick’s origin story was fake, Chalke promises at least one glimpse of the real past. “In an episode, we go into Beth’s childhood and see why things are as they are.” Hopefully, it has something to do with Evil Morty.

But history will repeat itself, as the separation between Beth and Jerry will also affect Summer. Despite her quip in an earlier season “You can dream,” when Morty wonders if their parents will divorce, it seems as if the reality will traumatize Summer after all. Not that Grammer herself is that upset. “The eventuality of all dimensions is that Jerrys’ will be abandoned by their Beth’s.” The upside? Beth and Summer get to work on their relationship.

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