Should We Be Concerned That ‘Rick And Morty’ Season 4 Hasn’t Been Ordered By Adult Swim Yet?

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03.17.18 7 Comments


If you follow Dan Harmon on Twitter, you might’ve got some surprising information about season 4 of Rick And Morty on Friday. According to the outspoken co-creator in response to a rude fan on Twitter, Adult Swim hasn’t even ordered the show for another season at this point.

While it is always nice to see Harmon and any other creator take a nasty commenter to task on Twitter — or on their own personal LiveJournal in George R.R. Martin’s case — the word that the network still hasn’t given the thumbs up to one of its most popular series could be alarming to some, but should it be?

Harmon responded to another fan and didn’t mention it again, instead focusing on the somewhat toxic fans that seem to be out there connected to his show and how they don’t change his desire to create.

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