‘Rick And Morty’s Season 5 Guest Stars Include A ‘Community’ Favorite And Timothy Olyphant

Rick and Morty had many quality guest stars in season four, including Sam Neill, Taika Waititi, Jeffrey Wright, Pamela Adlon, Paul Giamatti, and Justin Theroux. Also, Elon Musk. But you know what it didn’t have? Any cast members from co-creator Dan Harmon’s other brilliant show, Community.

That’s a departure from previous Rick and Morty seasons where John Oliver (season one), Keith David and Jim Rash (season two), and Joel McHale and Gillian Jacobs (season three) have guest starred on the Adult Swim series. But fear not, Human Beings, Harmon will reunite one of the Greendale Seven will be in season five.

Radio Times spoke to Spencer Grammer (the voice of Summer Smith), who confirmed that Alison Brie, along with Justified favorite Timothy Olyphant and Christina Ricci, will guest star during the new season. Grammer didn’t reveal which episode Little Annie Adderall will be in, but she did say that season five has a “more familial-centric base, where the entire family is working together, which is fun.” Harmon jokingly added, “We got that from a series of indie movies in the States called Fast & Furious. We found out by saying the word ‘family,’ you can make 900 episodes of something.”

Nine hundred episodes… and a movie?

Rick and Morty returns on June 20.

(Via Radio Times)