Rita Ora Sings About Clickbait And You Won’t Believe What Happens Next

You’ve seen it before… that random section on a website you might be reading with posts titles insisting that you must click the link or that something has won the internet, or a listicle title on a topic that you like just enough to click on. While these links may lead to a post that was pretty much as advertised and are easily avoidable, they are often titled in a similar way and designed to get your clicks.

Jimmy Kimmel is apparently very familiar with these sections, so much so that he decided to get Rita Ora to sing about these links to the tune of her single “Body On Me.” This seems to be a continuation of Kimmel getting singers to sing internet things, be it Kelly Clarkson singing about Tinder profiles or Josh Grobin singing about Donald Trump tweets. This “getting a singer to sing about internet stuff” idea seems to be a good one, and I for one can’t wait for Kimmel to have Lorde do a song about mashups.

(Via Jimmy Kimmel Live)