Rob Gronkowski Apparently Once Tried His Hand At Male Stripping Because He Couldn’t Resist The Music

Entertainment Editor
02.03.16 3 Comments

Gronk like dance. Gronk like take shirt off. Gronk like money for dance with no shirt. Gronk happy.

Rob Gronkowski may not be going to the Super Bowl in back-to-back years, but that doesn’t mean he still isn’t one of the most fortunate humans alive. He’s arguably the greatest tight end in NFL history in only six, sometimes injury-shortened seasons, he’s the embodiment of joy in a musclebound action star frame, and his love for dancing is always welcomed. Sometimes, number 87 is bashed for his lovable goofiness and his shimmies on the football field, but just know that dancing is part of Rob Gronkowski. Take away the dancing, and Gronk wouldn’t be Gronk. That would make Gronk sad.

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