This Summer, The World’s Greatest Mysteries Will Be Solved By Rob Lowe And His Sons

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Despite a phenomenally wonderful initial run, Rob Lowe’s The Grinder didn’t get a second season order. Instead, the series about an actor who played a lawyer on television trying to run an actual law firm with his family went the way of many shows in 2016 — to the dumps. Thankfully Lowe hasn’t given up on doing more television just yet, and because of a really, really weird reality series order from A&E involving the 53-year-old actor and his two sons, everyone suffering from The Grinder withdrawal will be quite happy this summer.

According to Deadline, the new reality television show is called The Lowe Files (because of the three Lowes, you see) and involves the titular family investigating famous unsolved mysteries. No really, this is exactly what The Lowe Files is — a cross between Rob’s apparent lifelong obsession with all things mysterious and unsolved, The X-Files fandom, and his two sons Matthew and John Owen’s need for money and/or exposure.

Their many missions include exploring an alien base located 2,000 feet underwater off the coast of Malibu; working with a renowned shaman at Preston Castle, an abandoned boys reformatory, in hopes of connecting with spirits; and training with a top-secret government operative in methods of remote viewing, a challenge to identify images from great distances.

And it’s all serious, of course, as the Lowe boys will “conduct deliberate and scientific investigations on a highly sophisticated level by meeting with top experts, using high-tech monitoring equipment and taking in-depth training courses.”

Explaining himself in the press release, Lowe said he’d “loved unexplained legends, strange phenomena and the scary, supernatural stories told around campfires” ever since childhood. “When I became a father, I shared those tales with my two sons. Together we bonded over Bigfoot, UFOs, and every creepy and bizarre story we could find, passionately debating if they were real — or not. And we swore that someday the three of us would go on our own adventure to find out. That day has come.”

No word on if The Lowe Files traveled to Texas to consult with one of the subject’s more well-known experts…

(Via Deadline)