Rob Lowe Will Star In A Lifetime Original Movie About Casey Anthony

11.28.12 4 Comments

After doing posts in the last few weeks about (1) a movie starring Metta World Peace based on a book by Nancy Grace, (2) a movie that was actually and for seriously titled Teenage Bank Heist, and (3) whatever the hell Liz & Dick was supposed to be, I was planning on taking a little break from writing about Lifetime Original Movies. Well, so much for that.

Prosecuting Casey Anthony starring Rob Lowe is set to debut early next year on the Lifetime cable network. Based on prosecutor Jeff Ashton’s book, Imperfect Justice, the movie will air Jan. 19, at 8 p.m.

Lowe plays Ashton and the story is told through his point of view, with Anthony herself as a relatively minor character. [EW]

As you may recall, Rob Lowe is a bit of a Lifetime veteran. He portrayed Drew Peterson in last year’s Untouchable, in which he uttered the now famous line “I’m untouchable, bitch.” I can only imagine what kind of absurdly cheesy and melodramatic gobbledygook is going to spill out of his mouth in a movie about Casey Anthony. Personally, and I know this is a bit of a long shot, I kind of hope he does the whole thing in character as Chris Traeger from Parks & Recreation.

POLICE OFFICER: We found the young girl’s remains in the woods. She had been stuffed in a trash bag and there was duct tape on her mouth. Our primary suspect right now is the mother.

ROB LOWE: That is literally the saddest thing I have ever heard.

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