The Cast And Crew Of ‘Loudermilk’ On Drawing Comedy From Addiction And Recovery

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The world of alcoholism, addiction, and recovery isn’t one often thought of as standard sitcom fare. But leave it to creator Peter Farrelly to make a comedy out of it — albeit a dark one. His new series, Loudermilk, stars Ron Livingston as the titular Sam Loudermilk, a gruff, often combative recovering alcoholic who also leads a 12-step support group. Premiering this Tuesday on AT&T’s Audience Network, Loudermilk follows Sam as he does his best to navigate his own tumultuous personal life, and try to do right by those up who look to him for guidance.

Over the summer, after the pilot screened at the ATX TV Festival, we got the chance to sit down with creator Peter Farrelly, head writer Bobby Mort, and stars Ron Livingston and Will Sasso to talk about how the series came to be.

There hasn’t exactly been a lot of programs that deal with addiction and sobriety. How did that all come about?

Bobby Mort: We were talking [about] the idea of this character who is kind of at war with the world, [which] always is a very funny concept for a script. So it was the idea of what would be the worst job for a guy like this? Helping people. There we go, off to the races. That was basically the genesis of the thing. Then we wrote the pilot scripts and Pete and I got together on it, developed it further and here we are.

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