These Ron Swanson Tips Will Help You Survive Nature

05.30.17 10 months ago


Ahh, summer. The sizzling sunshine. The cool breeze. The glorious outdoors just waiting to be explored. The allure of nature in the summertime is almost too strong to ignore. If you have plans to enjoy the vast wilderness but lack the basic knowledge required to survive the fickle b*tch that is Mother Nature, then do yourself a favor and follow the sage teachings of the greatest outdoorsman to ever live, Mr. Ron Ulysses Swanson (Nick Offerman).

On Parks and Recreation, Ron Swanson was a man’s man. Burly, mustachioed, a fan of woodworking and fine liquor, and a lover of nature. Ron valued a life free of laws, people, and government. He found contentment outside, living as man was always meant to live — wild, unrestricted, and free to kill whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted.

If you want to test your instincts and your ability to withstand the rigors of living without the creature comforts, then read on.

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