The ‘Daily Show’ Wants To Remind You That It Takes Work To Be Remembered As A Mall Creep 30 Years Later

Entertainment Editor

With sexual assault allegations against Senate-hopeful Roy Moore coming from five different women and creepy stories about the disgraced judge mall-lurking while “cruising for dates” in the ’80s being unearthed, The Daily Show is here to remind you that you have to do “some sh*t” if a mall worker is going to remember you decades later.

But that’s the reality we’re in now — a former judge and potential member of the Senate is going up against a news cycle that’s revealing that he was once banned from a rural Alabama mall after trying to pick up underage girls. All without the entire GOP wiping their hands of his alleged sliminess. It’s gotten so crazy that people are smashing their Keurig coffee makers just to make a statement about advertisers leaving Sean Hannity’s show after he defended Moore’s possible sexual assaults against young girls.

At this point in time, Moore is seeing his Republican funding go down the drain, Mitch McConnell is calling for him to drop out of the race, and there are reported cloak and dagger meetings in the White House discussing how Jeff Sessions can somehow retake his Senate seat to keep a pederast out of the House of Representatives. Even Steve Bannon is starting to question his championed pick.

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