Charlie Barnett Of ‘Russian Doll’ Has Unveiled His Idea For A Standalone Episode


Netflix’s Russian Doll hypnotizes the viewer to a degree that encourages a true binge-watching process. Those eight, rapid-fire episodes arrive with layers that execute close to flawlessly — while exploring human connection, game theory, the origins of trauma, and more — so why ruin the magic with another season that may not deliver the same punch? Well, Lyonne recently revealed how she and co-executive producer Leslye Headland originally pitched the series for three seasons, and although Netflix was on board with that idea, there’s been no confirmation that Nadia will keep dying for two seasons to come.

However, Charlie Barnett (who plays Alan, a kindred soul to Natasha Lyonne’s Nadia) has thoughts on how Russian Doll could squeak out a standalone episode with a fresh perspective. Barnett admits that he hasn’t actually watched the first season’s finale, so he’s not sure how it ended since they filmed multiple versions. When pressed by Vulture on possible future content, though, he does feel that Oatmeal the cat deserves to tell the story in his own way:

“Yeah, I have no clue. I keep trying to piece it out of them and they won’t give me anything, so I’m no help. We talked a long time ago about possibly doing a — I mean, I don’t think this is a real conversation — but I would love to see an episode devoted completely to Oatmeal, in which you see everything through his lens. A Christmas special or something.”

This doesn’t sound like a bad idea, really. That bodega cat could put on a great Halloween episode. Yes, it sounds silly at face value, but we don’t know exactly what Oatmeal was doing for much of the show’s runtime. Not only could he deliver more adventure than, say, Alan’s pet fish, but he might be able to witness hidden moments that we didn’t see or unveil alternate universes. Perhaps he could be a flerken-esque creature who could hatch universes within his own body? Marvel wouldn’t be too pleased by that copy-cat move, but if Lyonne and her fellow writers have proven anything, it’s that they can put an imaginative spin on existing pop culture frameworks. Make the kitty standalone episode happen, please.

(Via Vulture)