Russian Protestors Are Using A Doctored ‘Simpsons’ Opening To Call Putin A Dickhead

08.07.14 3 Comments

According to the Washington Post, this video has been popping up all over Russian and Ukranian social media sites this week. At first glance, it appears to be the familiar opening to The Simpsons, or at least the first part of it. But if you look at the billboard at the 0:13 mark you’ll see the image is a naked man on a horse, with the phrase “Horse Ride in Crimea” under it, which appears to be a reference to Russian president Vladimir Putin’s famous shirtless-on-a-horse photo. We then swoop into the school to see Bart scribbling a message on the blackboard, as he has done over 500 times. This time that message is “Putin-Huylo.”


Tell me more about this “Putin Huylo” phrase, Washington Post:

Putin, of course, refers to the Russian president, Vladimir Putin. No surprises there. But that second word, “Huylo,” is where it gets controversial.

“Путін хуйло,” alternatively transliterated as “Putin Khuilo” or “Putin Huylo,” has become one of the rallying cries for anti-Russian protesters in Ukraine. It’s an offensive term which means something of the lines of “Putin is a d—head!”

For what it’s worth, Fox has confirmed that this is a doctored clip and not a profane political goof aimed at a controversial foreign leader. Or rather, another profane political goof aimed at a controversial foreign leader. The Simpsons has a bit of history with that kind of thing.


And if you’re ranking copyright infringing insults made using mischievous cartoon characters, the updated tally is: 1) Doctoring The Simpsons opening to have Bart call someone a dickhead. 2) Having Calvin pee on someone. In a landslide.

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