Ryan Gosling Parodies A Very Special ‘Family Matters’ In This Nostalgic ‘SNL’ Cut Sketch

You might remember when Chris Pratt was hosting SNL and appeared in the sketch, “Bad Boys” with Kyle Mooney and Beck Bennett. It was a strange, fun ode to the age of TGIF sitcoms and easily one of the best sketches of the night. This time around, the TGIF parody didn’t make it to the air, but it might be a little better than “Bad Boys.” And Ryan Gosling didn’t even break character this time.

The parody this time is a pretty blatant copy of Family Matters, except for the obvious difference. I think they even got the real Urkel/Stefon “trans chamber” involved — or at least figured out a way to make a port-o-john look exactly like one from a sitcom in the mid-’90s. Mooney stands in for Urkel as Dougie, the guy who just wants to be cool and can’t seem to do anything right. So instead of spending years changing his personality and embracing his unique qualities to be cool like his neighbors, Gosling and Bennett, Dougie jumps in the trans machine and becomes fancy and cool.

This ends poorly for Gosling, but it works out well for Dougie in the end. He’s only worried about being cool and looking good now, with no time to worry and cry about the reality of driving drunk. Oh and the transitions are pretty fantastic this time around, especially once the Llama starts showing up.

For comparison, here’s a clip from Family Matters showing the transformation chamber in all of its glory. Carl Winslow never looked so good.

(Via SNL)

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