Samantha Bee Gives The Only History Lesson You Need On Hillary Clinton Before Election Day

Managing Editor, Trending
11.07.16 2 Comments

Samantha Bee is pulling double duty this week with a pre and post election slice of Full Frontal. With the first episode, she’s done her best to paint a bare-bones, bad ass picture of Hillary Clinton that should help voters too exhausted to watch a full documentary or too jaded to listen to something that doesn’t have jokes in it.

Bee takes a Frontline report and a CNN documentary about Clinton and condenses it down into a segment that boils Hillary down to the Rodham that is right under the surface of the Clinton she was apparently forced to be by society and the support of her husband. If you’re familiar with Hillary Clinton, you’ve heard most of this before and know her background. If you don’t know it by now, election day, this is probably for you or you can sit there and enjoy some jokes. They’re not bad.

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