Samantha Bee Has Plenty Of Booze Left After Gifting Larry Wilmore With A Few Extra Bottles Of Wine

Samantha Bee, the indisputable queen overlord of political satire, late night television and social media clicks, is on vacation until mid-September. Yet she and her Full Frontal team at TBS didn’t let this stop them from sending a thoughtful, gastrointestinal gift over to Larry Wilmore and his Nightly Show crew at Comedy Central. After all, they all got their start at The Daily Show, so of course they’re still friends (and, in all likelihood, drinking buddies). Though it probably wasn’t much of a loss for Full Frontal since, according to Variety’s recent visit to showrunner and executive producer Jo Miller’s office, there’s plenty of booze to go around.

The entertainment magazine took a quick tour of Miller’s digs, which feature a small (but growing) collection of awards, a cat named “Sammy,” and more alcohol than you can shake a “turd tornado” at:

“We very much enjoy good scotch and good bourbon, and we have ‘Whiskey Wednesdays’,” she says. The office also offers plenty of variety: “Our field department just got a wine fridge. We have a Kegerator in the kitchen, because we work all the time, so we want people to be happy — including me. Also, there is no way to watch a Republican debate without it.”

“Whiskey Wednesdays”? A wine fridge for the field team? A Kegerator placed squarely in the kitchen, the end-all and be-all of most writers’ rooms (despite not being the actual writers’ rooms)?

Working for Full Frontal sounds like a dream come true. Except, of course, for the fact that you have to watch, comprehend and comment on some of the most heinous things to happen in the news.

(Via Variety)