Here’s Every Single Brilliant Donald Trump Description Samantha Bee Has Uttered On ‘Full Frontal’

Donald Trump has been called many, many, many things in his life and career, but he’s never been so vividly described as when Full Frontal host Samantha Bee presents the GOP presidential candidate on her program. Trump has never been shy about dishing out his own insults, but Bee’s cable laff-em-up unquestionably has the White House hopeful outgunned in the creativity department.

As a public service, Full Frontal has compiled a handy collection of every Trump put-down offered up by Bee on the program. According to the splash of text accompanying this verbose supercut, the video was crafted due to a viewer request.

A few months ago, a fan asked for a compilation of every Trump insult we’ve ever done on the show. We went through every script (including test shows that didn’t air) and put together the definitive collection of Full Frontal Trump epithets. Don’t make us come up with any more of these. Vote.

From “melting hunk of apricot Jello” to “crotch-fondling slab of rancid meatloaf” to “dick-waving Berlusconi knockoff” all of your favorites are on display in this 104-second extravaganza. Even Trump supporters have to be impressed by the level of variety and innovation on display in this YouTube marvel.

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