Samantha Bee Perfectly Sums Up The Relationship Between Putin And Trump On ‘Full Frontal’

Entertainment Writer

In her follow up to the Democratic National Convention, Samantha Bee seems relieved to have survived her road trip to Cleveland and Pennsylvania. Her first post-Daily Show coverage was hampered by her once a week broadcast, but she made up for it with plenty of brutal honesty. It’s very similar to John Oliver, except Bee can’t lean heavily on the F-word thanks to the network censors. It doesn’t mean she’s avoiding it, there just isn’t an open door to let it fly.

But this week’s episode begins with celebration around Hillary Clinton’s historic nomination with the Democratic Party, the less than favorable reaction from her opponents, and the dire stakes that seem to be overshadowing this election — at least in the eyes of most of the media. She counters this doom and gloom with a look at the overt patriotism of the DNC, the positive “middle finger” to the Republican platform, and the cavalcade of speakers from nearly every background and ethnicity.

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