Sarah Palin Says That Louis C.K. Is The Only Celebrity Who Has Ever Apologized To Her

11.24.15 2 years ago 16 Comments

Louis C.K.’s fabled 2010 booze-fueled, sky-high Twitter meltdown in which he blasted Sarah Palin as a “f*cking jackoff c*nt-face jazzy wondergirl” is the stuff legends are made of, despite the fact that C.K. himself would rather forget it. Back in April, the Louie star told Howard Stern that “something came over him emotionally” when he ran into Palin backstage at SNL 40, and he apologized to the former Alaska governor despite the fact that she had no idea what he had said about her.

Sarah Palin herself appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers Monday night, where she told her side of the story. She recalls that the most meaningful encounter of the night came from her interaction with Louis C.K. She says that he “tracked her down” (which varies from his story that she had “approached and complimented him,” but whatever; we’ll give her this much) to apologize for the crude remarks he made, to which she responded, “Get in line, who hasn’t?” However, the only difference, she says, is that Louie is the only one who’s ever apologized to her for it.

Regardless of how you feel about Sarah Palin, this simple yet appreciated gesture tells you all you need to know about the caliber of person Louis C.K. is.

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