Sarah Shahi Was Kind of Drunk On ‘Ferguson’ Last Night, Seems Like A Fun Lady

Here is something that we will generally not cover: The cancellation of a little-watched USA series that aired on Friday nights during the summer.

Here is something that we generally will cover: The impossibly attractive star of that series, Sarah Shahi, showing up to a late night show kind of drunk, making a bunch of penis/masturbation jokes, and putting her foot up on the host’s desk while wearing a tiny dress.

Please find a clip of Ms. Shahi’s appearance below, in which she announces that she drank booze backstage, and gets completely delighted/confused by the general concept of Craig Ferguson having a skeleton robot sidekick. The rest of her appearance is only available on CBS’s website right now, but I recommend checking it out if you like watching pretty ladies make jokes about horses masturbating.

Have a great day.

via Guyism

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