Scarlett Johansson Joins Some Exclusive Company This Month When She Hosts ‘SNL

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Eight Legged Freaks actress Scarlett Johansson is very good at hosting Saturday Night Live. There’s a reason why she tends to come back a fair bit and Jonny Moseley does not. (Apols to the freestyle skiing arts community.)

ScarJo will be hosting President Trump’s favorite variety program Saturday Night Live on March 11. It will be a talent-rich month for SNL with the already announced Octavia Spencer (who could have a second Oscar in her hands by then) hosting the previous week’s episode on March 4. Even more reason to celebrate? Johansson will be joining the show’s vaunted “Five-Timers Club” with this upcoming appearance. Spencer has a little longer to reach that status and we wouldn’t be opposed to getting that sorted out in short order. (Call me at the usual number, Lorne.) Father John Misty has been tapped as the musical guest for the 4th and rather big deal Lorde will perform on the 11th.

Not that you couldn’t figure it on your own, but Saturday Night Live is basking in a renewed media spotlight of late. Going toe-to-toe with a former host/current president will do that for a show, but the steady stream of famous non-cast members like Alec Baldwin and Melissa McCarthy has added an extra hook for viewers. Who knows? Maybe Octavia Spencer and Scarlett Johansson will bring some buds by to join the fun.

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