‘Schitt’s Creek’ Star Annie Murphy Is A Housewife Ready To Snap In The ‘Kevin Can F*** Himself’ Trailer

Annie Murphy ended her run on Schitt’s Creek with an Emmy, and her next project looks considerably darker to say the least. Thursday brought a trailer for AMC’s Kevin Can F*** Himself, a dark comedy where Murphy will play a disgruntled housewife plotting to get herself out of a frustratingly sexist sitcom.

“It’s about a woman who keeps playing the perfect housewife,” Murphy narrates as she makes a picturesque breakfast and delivers it to a much-brighter sitcom-styled living room. “Then one day, she realizes what she wants.”

The trailer jumps from the stylized scene to one that looks more realistic, and gritty. Murphy’s character seems to imagine herself breaking a glass and stabbing her husband with it, while in the other sitcom universe Kevin instead makes a sexist joke and everyone moves on.

The plot of the show, however, seems to be getting rid of the titular Kevin altogether.

“The world revolves around him. And if it doesn’t he just blows it to hell,” Murphy says later in the trailer. “It has to stop.”

There’s a bit of a WandaVision similarity in a character who appears to know they’re starring in a sitcom, more or less. But this looks considerably darker. And funnier.


We’ll see if the sucker punches, key bumps and other insanity amounts to any real trouble for Kevin later this summer.