MTV Killed All Their Stars In This Bloody New Promo For ‘Scream’

In the new promo for MTV’s Scream series, stars from Awkward, Teen WolfRidiculousness, and more get together for a fun party, or so we’re led to believe. The clip opens on murdered Awkward star Ashley Richards with a pretty bad knife wound to the neck. From here, the scene opens up to reveal all sorts of gore and murder. Tyler Posey getting a knife to the head is a pretty strong move to get horror fans interested in tuning into the network’s new slasher series.

The official trailer for Scream hit the internet back in April. The show will follow the events that transpire in the town of Lakewood after a viral YouTube video leads to murder. Scream will premiere on June 30th and follow a whole new group of high schoolers being stalked by a killer who is allegedly NOT Ghostface.

(Via MTV)