Screw It, Let’s Just Watch A Bunch Of Clips From ‘Mr. Show’

03.19.13 6 years ago 43 Comments

Here is an excerpt from something I read today:

La Toya Jackson shocked Donald Trump — and viewers — on Sunday’s All-Star Celebrity Apprentice when she decided not to bring villain Omarosa into the boardroom with her. […]

Despite the fireworks between Jackson and Omarosa — which turned into a heated exchange during which both women stood, cocked their necks and put their hands on their hips, to paraphrase fellow player Lil Jon — Jackson as project manager decided to bring Brande Roderick and Dennis Rodman into the boardroom. She explained that she thought Trump would never fire Omarosa, but Jackson ultimately sealed her own fate and was sent packing. [THR]

I know we tend to stay warmly tucked inside our cozy Justified/Game of Thrones/Breaking Bad/Parks & Rec/Archer cocoon most of the time, but please never forget that today, in 2013, there is a television show where noted loud buffoon Donald Trump “teaches” “business” to washed-up “celebrities” — in network primetime — and therefore it is “news” when La Toya Jackson and Omarosa have an argument over whatever-and-also-I-don’t-care. F-ck television sometimes, you know?

Anyway, here are a bunch of old sketches from Mr. Show, because if I keep thinking about all of this I’ll end up dumping a bucket of water on my laptop and moving to the woods.

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