Sean Hannity Challenged Jon Stewart To A Fight Over Cliven Bundy And Jon Stewart Cold Knocked His Ass Out

In the comment threads of earlier posts stemming from Cliven Bundy’s 1800s-esque, ass-backwards thoughts on black people, a few commenters pointed out that Jon Stewart had gloriously ripped Sean Hannity a new one on the Daily Show last night. Seeing as I was enthralled with NBA playoff action until it was time for me to go to bed last night, I’d unfortunately hadn’t had the chance to see the Daily Show last night, so I made a point to watch it while taking a short food break. And WHOA BOY were those commenters right. Here’s the gist of what happens in the two clips embedded below…

1. Sean Hannity takes issue with Jon Stewart’s criticism of his support for Cliven Bundy, accuses Stewart of being “obsessed” with him and his show, and essentially challenges Stewart to a battle of wits.

2. Stewart responds and rhetorically knocks Hannity the f*ck out, exposing him for being both a fool and hypocrite when it comes to Bundy, among other things.

The end. Enjoy…

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