Only One Person Would Talk To Sean Spicer Backstage At The Emmys, And It Was Sadly Adorable

Sean Spicer’s appearance at the Emmys was a bit of a controversial moment for a few reasons. While it was shocking to see the former White House Press Secretary show up to make light of his short career in the briefing room, it also seemed like they were trying place him on a path to rehabilitate his image. It was a troubling moment, but apparently some of the reactions backstage in the green room weren’t the same as what we saw on television — or in the many, many selfies that were taken backstage.

According to Billy Eichner’s appearance on Conan Wednesday, the first time Emmy “insider” got to watch Spicer in the green room and noticed that nobody would talk to him. This was far different from what we saw in the many photos from the evening, but there was one soul brave enough to step up and chat with the former RNC strategist and that was THE Young Sheldon.

Iain Armitage found himself talking to Spicer according to Eichner, who then walked over to Old Sheldon, Jim Parsons, and Eichner and questioned if he had just talked to Melissa McCarthy or the real Sean Spicer. Even if the story is completely fabricated, it’s exactly the kind of story you want to be telling at parties. Who doesn’t want to spin yarns about Young Sheldon and how deep in “the shit” of Hollywood he already is at this point. Sure his show premiered to bonkers ratings and guaranteed us years of Bazinga-filled evenings to come, but the dark side of fame is real.

As Eichner says, “Young Sheldon has seen it all.” It keeps him up at night.

(Via Team Coco)