Mr. Peterman From ‘Seinfeld’ Is Here To Bail You Out With A Video Mother’s Day Card

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Did you forget Mother’s Day? SHAAAAAAAAME! (Unless you forgot about the movie, in which case, kudos!) It’s that scary stretch of time where simply dropping a card in the mail won’t do. Thankfully, a ’90s sitcom character is here to bail your mom-forgetting ass out this Sunday.

America’s favorite Dancing with the Stars runner-up John O’Hurley has channeled his Seinfeld alter-ego, J. Peterman, once again. Rolling Stone has revived the catalogue titan with the distinctive voice for a special video Mother’s Day card. How considerate! It’s not quite the same as giving Ma an urban sombrero (not a sex thing), but it’s still a lovely back-up option.

Here’s a bit of what O’Hurley/Peterman has to say to our mothers:

And I know I forget to call or give you all the my attention,
But how could I say how much I love you with all this spotty cell phone reception

Packaged with all kinds of vague Mother’s Day appropriate stock footage, this is a video card that tries to be one size fits all, which might be considered a major shift in the Peterman brand. It’s also a fun clip to watch whether you’ve had any belly fruit or not. Hit play and remember to call your mom this weekend.

(via Rolling Stone)

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