Everyone Should Know These Scenes From The ‘Seinfeld’ Reunion On ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’

Maybe you loved the Seinfeld finale, and maybe you didn’t, but if you consider yourself a Seinfeld fan, you most likely ported over to series co-creator Larry David’s next project, Curb Your Enthusiasm on HBO, and you most likely danced and sang when it was announced that David would get the gang back together for a Seinfeld reunion story arc in season seven of Curb.

Was this slight “do-over” needed? I personally don’t think so, but I’m still glad they did it because the result was more classic Seinfeld shenanigans, and they were just as hilarious as ever. Don’t believe me? Go over to HBO Now and re-watch those episodes. Need further nudging? Check out these classic “Seinfeld” scenes from season seven of Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Larry Sells Jerry On The Idea Of A Seinfeld Reunion

This scene began the story arc for season seven. Larry, if you recall, had been separated from Cheryl, and thought that having her involved in a Seinfeld reunion would be a way to get her back. He would not admit his motive to Jerry, however, and Jerry immediately became skeptical, saying, “You think reunions are pathetic… I’m being sold something here that I can’t quite figure out.” Despite being a parody of Larry and Jerry’s actual relationship, this scene looks like what I imagine most of their conversations would be like in real life. If the arc had ended here, I would have been glad just to see these two interacting one more time.

P.S., Your C*nt Is In The Sink (NSFW)

As the story goes, this scene was written simply as, “Marty Funkhouser tells a joke.” That’s it. Neither Larry nor Jerry knew what joke Marty (Bob Einstein) was going to tell, and legend has it that he decided on this dirty one just prior to shooting. Is that true? Well, it’s certainly more fun to think so. Was the joke funny? I’m not sure I even get it. But Jerry’s supposed spontaneous reaction, and the clear rapport these three comedians shared resembles everything great about this memorable scene.

The Birth Of A New Catchphrase, Featuring Mocha Joe

We’re all well-aware of Seinfeld‘s long list of catchphrases and additions to pop lexicon, such as “close talker,” “double dipper,” and “not that there’s anything wrong with that.” Curb Your Enthusiasm never seemed as interested in that. “Having said that,” you could almost see this phrase becoming popular as it was happening. Also, if you’re creating a list of most annoying supporting characters ever on Curb, doesn’t Mocha Joe have to be on there? What a weiner, that guy was.

The Best Of Leon, Also Known As Danny Duberstein

You could create a pretty extensive list of CYE clips featuring only Leon, and the audience would be entertained. He plays a character within a character, the fake Dr. Danny Duberstein, telling Michael Richards how to deal with Groats Disease. This episode gave Richards a chance to receive a penance of sorts for his infamous Laugh Factory set, and J.B. Smoove got to play a Jewish doctor who has never seen an episode of Seinfeld before.

Nobody Knows Who Slides Over In A Booth, Not Even Jerry And Larry

I like to imagine this scene was an inspiration for Seinfeld’s web series, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. All you do is take two of the funniest people on the planet, have them sit in a coffee shop, and discuss life’s little intricacies, such as who should slide over when a third party wants to join them in a cafe booth. Roll film, and you got yourself a show.

George Costanza Is Played By The Man Who Inspired Him

Following a “Blackberry” bit that proved technology can date a show almost immediately after it airs. Larry proved that playing George was not as easy as it once seemed. Finally, Jason Alexander can get the proper credit for the acting it took to play that character.