Selena Gomez Won A Career Achievement Award At The Ripe Old Age Of 22

Selena Gomez turned 22 last month. In teen speak, “that makes her, like, as old as those shiny circles my dad makes me listen to when we’re in his car. I think they’re called C…D’s, or something? Like, y’know, whatever.” Basically, Gomez’s career is over, and all that’s left for her to do before she dies, which should happen any day now, is to accept accolades for the decades of hard work she’s put in.

Selena Gomez, accepting Teen Choice’s equivalent of a career achievement prize, the Ultimate Choice, expressed gratitude to her fans and her family.

“I have to be honest, especially this month, I cannot thank you guys because you remind me of what’s important and that’s giving and loving and caring about each other and I’m not trying to preach or any of that it’s that you guys make me better,” the 22-year-old singer told the audience. She also made sure to publicly thank her mother, whom she reportedly fired in April as her manager. “I want to thank my mom so much…I want all of you to love your mom, and give her everything, because she’s incredible.” (Via)

I think it was her 0% movie on Rotten Tomatoes that put her over the top.

Via the Hollywood Reporter