Netflix’s First Look At The ‘Sense8’ Finale Sees The Cast Just As Thrilled By The Return As Fans

When Sense8 got 86’d this summer, devotees of the Wachowski and Straczynski powered sci-fi series were left devastated. Critics have been all over the map with their verdicts on Sense8, but fans have never been shy expressing how tightly they hold the drama to their heart. (The issues tackled and characters provided have only strengthened the bond.) With all that love from viewers, it makes sense that the “first look” at the fan-demanded upcoming finale has so much infectious joy to it.

“Cluster fam, as you know we’re bringing you a conclusion to the Sense8 story next year. Been a little quiet here, just super busy making it as perfect as possible for you,” read a description accompanying the Facebook flavor of the video. “With much love, here’s a sneak peek at all the hard work the cast and crew have been up to behind the scenes of our Finale Special. See you in 2018.”

The clip is more of a behind-the-scenes hangout than anything resembling a preview. Clocking in at under two-minutes, this brisk hangout whisks through set locations, checks in with members of the cast and projects that a rather pleasant time is being had by all involved.

“The minute the decision was made everything’s been super speedy, incredibly hi-octane, everything had to go go go,” explains Freema Agyeman as flashes from the production back up those hustle claims.

In August, Netflix chief content officer Ted Sarandos shared that the original two-hour finale offer to Lana Wachowski was rebuffed as she would prefer to continue with the series. It was ultimately the incredibly vocal response from viewers that led to a change of mind.

“The fan influence on her was very helpful,” Sarandos told Variety. “Her desire to have an ending increased a lot.”

The finale of Sense8 is still slated to arrive in 2018.