‘Sesame Street’ Is Getting Its First Set Redesign In 45 Seasons

When the 46th season of Sesame Street premieres this fall, something will be drastically different. Something that hasn’t changed all that much in the previous 45 seasons. The set that physically portrays the iconic New York street will get an overhaul for the first time in the show’s long history.

According to Variety, the set redesign is all about giving the tenements brand new (yet still seemingly dilapidated) digs:

The redesign was helmed by Tony Award-winning set designer David Gallo. In addition to a more vibrant overall look, Gallo’s changes include: a new garden for Abby, a renovated Hooper’s Store with Cookie Monster dwelling upstairs, a rooftop sitting area, a newsstand and a new location for Oscar’s garbage can, (in addition to recycling bins and composting receptacles for him across the street).

“In this redesign, since being a real place was a quintessential part of Sesame Street, we sought to emphasize the realness of our world,” Parente said in a statement.

Dear Mr. Gallo — would you be willing to add one or two nearby avenues from alphabet city? I’ve heard Q is a good letter.

(Via Variety)