Seth Meyers Punches A Few Holes In Trump’s Claims Of Nonstop Winning

Seth Meyers is really knocking it out of the park these days. While many are frustrated that Stephen Colbert has lost his political bite since his tenure began on The Late Show, Meyers has been quietly and deliberately picking up the slack on Late Night. ‘A Closer Look’ has become a must-see segment in terms of digestible analysis of the current administration’s actions, just this week taking aim at the voter fraud lies and the disgrace of Michael Flynn.

On Wednesday night, Meyers deconstructed claims from Trump’s campaign that, if he won, there would be nonstop winning in the White House. Despite being President for less than a month, it appears to be nothing but chaos, with the hits continue with reports that Trump aids were in frequent contact with Russian intelligence during the campaign. Meyer’s used Trump’s own words to drive home the fact that things might not be going according to plan.

“We are going to win so much, we are going to win at every level… we are going to win so much that you may even get tired of winning. You’re going to say ‘please, please, it’s too much winning! We can’t take winning anymore! Mr. President, it’s too much!’”

In the face of a list of Trump’s failures, that quote seems even more misguided. Meyers highlighted the partisan effort to get to the bottom of Trump’s madness, pointing out that even Republicans are increasingly concerned with the behavior of the Commander-in-Chief. Also, he may have found the perfect allegory for Trump’s White House:

“This administration is like a really intense haunted house, where every door you think is an exit is just a door to a scarier room. How do I get out of this f*cking place? I wet my pants three rooms ago!”

Between Trump’s unwillingness to fire Trump himself and his seeming determination to keep Vice President Mike Pence in the dark, all is clearly not well. If the guy from The Apprentice is having trouble firing people, what is even going on?