Seth Meyers Is Very Upset That Mitt Romney And Kyrsten Sinema Have ‘Ruined’ Ted Lasso For Us All

If you’ve ever wondered why we can’t have good things, blame it all on Mitt Romney and denim vest stan Kyrsten Sinema. On Wednesday, the Utah senator ruined the one thing most of us seem to agree on: Ted Lasso. Romney shared some footage of himself as Lasso for Halloween, with Sinema filling the role of Hannah Waddingham’s character, Rebecca. First of all: How dare they!? Needless to say, the photos have tainted Ted’s pureness, and Seth Meyers isn’t happy about it.

On Thursday night, Meyers dedicated his “A Closer Look” segment to the many things that are happening in Washington politics at the moment. And the first thing he wanted to talk about was Romney and Sinema’s disturbing photo shoot:

“To give you an idea of how things are going in congress right now, here’s a photo Utah senator Mitt Romney posted today of himself dressed up as Ted Lasso serving biscuits to Democratic senator Kyrsten Sinema. Man, you know you’re unpopular when you can single-handedly ruin one of America’s favorite TV shows. This is like when Rudy Giuliani ran out of the White House bathroom with his pants around his ankles, George Costanza-style. Or like when Nixon showed up to a press conference dressed as Radar O’Reilly… But this just proves once again that we desperately need Roy Kent in congress, because that picture makes me want to f***ing puke.

You can watch the full clip above.